In these days of multi-million pound gyms, huge equipment manufacturing corporations, the Internet, TV, and the infomercial, it is easy to forget that exercise wasn’t always as complicated as it seems. It really is only in the last 20 years or so that the modern gym as we know it came into existence, and with it the plethora of experts, gurus, and salesman that are always associated when there is money to be made. 


I, like many others, fell for the trap. I joined a gym, paid my membership, put my trust in the shiny machines, and soon found myself coasting along. I wasn’t getting results, and found myself paying more attention to whatever was on the television than the exercise I was performing. Something had definitely gone wrong somewhere down the line.


The essence of what exercise was had been lost. I thought that it was time that we went back to simplicity, back to exercises that work, and back to the foundational movements that make us uniquely human.


Around this time, a close friend invited me along to an adults gymnastic class, to, in his words, “show you how exercise is meant to be”. 


He wasn’t wrong.


Here were young people and adults using equipment no more complex than a pull-up bar and some floor space, doing things that I couldn’t even comprehend, and they had the physiques to match! 


Needless to say, I was extremely humbled and annoyed that I had invested money in a gym membership that seemed to have been of no benefit. The next day, I cancelled my gym membership, searched for “pull-up bar” on the Internet, found one that was cheap, ordered it, and waited for the delivery.


I still remember the day that my pull-up bar arrived. It felt like I was part of a revolution, albeit one that only involved myself, but I can still recall the excitement I felt. I was taking my health and fitness back from the industry, and it felt good!


So, the bar went up and I attempted my first pull-up. It was harder than I thought it would be, but I persisted. Every other day I would spend thirty minutes practicing my pull-ups, in as many different ways as I could think of. Soon, I reached a personal goal of ten perfect repetitions, and never looked back.


It has been five years since I first used my pull-up bar. I am stronger than I have ever been, more athletic than I have ever been, and have the physique to prove it. 


The pull-up revolution is here, and you should be part of it. Check out my ebook at the following link, and take your fitness back from the industry.




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I have a confession to make.


I hate gyms. I mean really hate them.


The fad machines, gadgets, useless equipment, and fake concern for people's health and fitness really gets to me.


I shouldn't be saying this, because I work in a gym (and have done for the last few years), but I care about the people that I train, and don't like to see them fall for the newest piece of junk advice, that claims it's even easier for them to get into shape.


I like simple exercises. Pull-ups, press-ups, running, and sprinting. All of them are simple, and all of them are effective.


Treadmills, resistance machines, and other equipment costs lots of money to buy, lots of money to maintain, and lots of money to fix when they go wrong.


Pull-up bars do not go wrong, do not need maintaining, and do not need fixing.


If you want to transform your physique, Pull-ups are the exercise to do. Whether you are a fitness beginner or have been training for years, you will find everything you need to know about this awesome exercise in The Pull-up Bible.


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